Editors' Picks

  1. Week of 8-22-14

    Putin makes a power play, Suge Knight is shot, and Brangelina tie the knot. How much do you remember from this week's headlines?

  2. History of the Heisman in 15 Questions

    The Heisman Memorial Trophy Award is awarded annually to the most outstanding player in college football. Think you can match up to that standard? You can start by acing this Heisman history quiz!

  3. 5 Speeches That Changed the Game in US History

    The art of oration has the power to drive awareness, inspire action, and change the course of history. Play this quiz and recall how these 5 have shaped the current state of affairs in America.

  4. Geography of Russia

    At over 6,500,000 square miles Russia covers almost 1/8th of the inhabitable land on Earth. How much do you know about Putin's personal playground?

  5. ALS Awareness Test

    The ALS Ice Bucket challenge has raised millions for the ALS Association and promoted awareness of the disease. But beyond the fact that people are willing to dump ice on their heads, how much have you actually learned?

  6. Are You Penn State Football?

    Are you a Penn State football fanatic? Let's take a trip down to Happy Valley and see if you can best this quiz.

  7. Flags of the World

    Who flies what colors? Test your knowledge of world flags.

  8. Are You the True Detective?

    Are you "mainlining the secret truth” of True Detective? Test your knowledge of the series but be warned: this quiz is “something deep and dark, detectives.”

  9. Everything Emmy Awards

    The 2014 Emmy Awards are just around the corner! Catch up on your favorite nominated series and learn more about the award show. Take this quiz and you’ll be ready to hand out your own “winged woman.”

  10. Guardians of the Galaxy

    Critics and fans alike are applauding Marvel's newest release. While die-hard fans knew of these characters before, they are poised for a mainstream breakout. How much do you know about them?

  11. How Frank Underwood Are You?

    Frank will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. How far would you go to protect your power?

  12. Chaos in #Ferguson

    From the initial incident to ongoing strife, what do you know about what’s happening in Ferguson, MO?

  13. Remembering Robin Williams

    The world lost an icon with the tragic passing of Robin Williams. Let's take a moment to look back at the works of this legendary entertainer.

  14. Name That President

    Hail to the Chief! Think you know a lot about the residents of the Oval Office? See how many of this lesser known facts you know about our commanders in chief.

  15. Net Notables: Why Are They Famous?

    Everyday the internet gives a new person their fifteen minutes of fame. How well do you remember these stars of the web?

  16. Geography of the Middle East

    Mountains, rivers, and capitals. How much do you know about the geography of the Middle East?

  17. The Baltimore Orioles

    Think you have a little Orioles' magic in you? Find out by testing your knowledge of Baltimore's birds!

  18. Silicon Valley

    Are you a geek, a nerd, or a hacker? Even if you aren't you'll still find Silicon Valley hilarious. Get coding and see how much you know about HBO's latest hit.

  19. The U.S. Open

    Do Americans still watch tennis? Don't be uninformed when the U.S. Open hits! Here comes the U.S. Open quiz - grunt!

  20. Geography of Africa

    If you go back far enough we are all have African ancestors. Show off your geographic knowledge of "The Cradle of Humankind".

  21. Eye of the Tiger

    He's arguably the most dominant athlete of his era. From major championships to nagging injuries, how well do you know this giant of golf?

  22. Derek Jeter

    His star studded career has spanned 3 decades, multiple World Series, and off the field dealings from celebs to sponsorship. Learn about the future Hall of Famer with this quiz.

  23. Nintendo 101

    Three different generations have grown up with Nintendo games. How much do you remember from the countless hours you played?

  24. King James

    With the way in which he held the media hostage over where he would play Lebron James has become arguably the most influential person in sports. How well do you know this icon?